Vision Towers in partnership with KPMG

Futureal Partnerships

During the last decade, we have been involved in over a dozen successful partnerships and joint ventures with institutional investors, other developers, land owners, tenants, banks and cities.

Our partnerships have been tested not only in the good times, but also the bad. We have always stayed committed to our partners and delivered on all our promises.

We are looking forward to joining forces with companies that share our values!

Marina Part in partnership with TriHolding

Gold Plaza in partnership with Immofinanz

ParkLake Plaza in partnership with Caelum Development

Our main shareholders are former professional mathematicians and we believe that one plus one can equal more than two, often far more!

We operate a transparent and open platform with very little ego and which works well in strong partnerships. We have been partners in different roles: operating partners with significant co-investment, partners in complex joint ventures, co-developers, preferred equity investors, mezzanine investors, even limited partners.

Most of these joint ventures have started with a simple phone call or email. If you have a really interesting idea, do not hesitate to contact us!

Corvin Plaza in partnership with Klépierre

Nova Park in partnership with Caelum Development