Gábor Futó Co-founder and Shareholder, Futureal

At the heart of our success is our team of over 400 top professionals, many of whom have been with us for over a decade and have worked together to develop themselves, Futureal and our projects.

We have been through normal times, mad times and bad times, always staying together as a strong team, always living up to our values and our reputation.

We are looking forward to expanding our team with the best people and the best professionals.


Gábor Futó

Co-founder and Shareholder, Futureal Group

Dr. Péter Futó

Co-founder and Co-owner, Futureal Group


Tibor Földi

Chairman of the Board, Cordia

Rudolf Nemes

CEO, HelloParks

David Hendrych

Group CFO & COO, Futureal

Karol Pilniewicz

CEO & CIO, Futureal

Johanna Mezővári

COO, Cordia

András Kárpáti

Co-CEO, Cordia United Kingdom

Dan Harverd

CRO, Futureal Group

Péter Bódis

Group CFO, Cordia

Zsolt Balázsik

Group Tax and Structuring Director, Futureal Group

dr. Roland Jabronka

Head of Legal, Futureal

Erika Győr-Klézl

Financing Director, Futureal Group

Márk Balástyai

Futureal Energy, CEO

dr. János Berki

International Office Sales and Asset Management Director, Futureal Development

Tímea Szili

Group Marketing and Communications Director, Futureal Group

Áron Görög

Sales Director, Cordia

Mauricio Mesa Gomez

Country Manager of Romania & Spain, Cordia

Tomasz Lapinski

Country Manager of Poland, Cordia

† Pál Darida

Director of Financing and Transactions, Futureal Group