Who We Are

Futureal is your partner and solution provider. We are here to work together with you as a strong and committed team during a project lifespan of several years to create outstanding real estate solutions. Whether you are a client, investor, supplier/service provider, or a member of the local community, we are committed to being your trusted partner and to delivering the highest quality products, on time!

Introduction to Futureal Group

Developing and Investing in Real Estate Projects
With projects worth € 6 billion, Futureal has become a dominant player in the Central European property market. Our investment portfolio includes mixed function urban regeneration projects, residential properties, retail, office and industrial and logistics developments, commercial real estate investments and various structured financing schemes.

A highly qualified team of professionals
The main asset of Futureal is our professional and experienced team of 500+ professionals, one of the largest real estate teams in Central Europe. We work together in a dynamic, people-oriented and informal working environment, held together by our shared values of integrity, creativity, perseverance and team spirit.

Working in strong partnerships
We believe our success so far has been the result of certain key ingredients: our outstanding team, our innovative, honest and responsible market behaviour, our financial strength, our local knowledge and our global relationships. We nurture close, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, including cities, tenants, service providers, investors and banks.

Creating lasting value for our clients and local communities
Our aim is to create lasting value for our customers, tenants and the local communities we work with. We believe that it is our duty to minimise our environmental impact through sustainable development and to create projects with a strong and unique sense of place.

Futureal in numbers

– more than 220 projects
– 500+ highly qualified professionals – one of the largest real estate teams in Central Europe
– 6 billion euros’ worth of development on more than 4 millon m2
– Our main market is Central and Eastern Europe: Hungary, Romania and Poland, with further activities in Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland and USA

gross m2
value Eur
office 15 176 674 296 443 585 936 000
retail 7 192 582 344 171 717 473 000
residential 48 451 719 679 583 922 488 289
logistics 1 46 000 46 000 46 000 000
investments 6 59 419 79 460 50 652 174
TOTAL 77 926 394
1 445 926
2 322 549 462
UNDER DEV projects GLA gross m2 value Eur
office 6 87 302 137 688 311 343 250
residential 19 142 327 210 381 341 930 472
logistics 2 103 000 103 000 103 000 000
investments 15 71 899 81 200 137 506 261
TOTAL 42 404 528
532 269
893 779 982
projects GLA
gross m2
value Eur
office 6 100 947 201 263 403 210 000
residential 96 884 083 1 196 313 2 136 215 299
logistics 3 730 000 730 000 730 000 000
hotel 1 6 250 10 000 35 000 000
investments 3 91 570
TOTAL 109 1 812 850
2 137 576
3 304 425 299
GRAND TOTAL 228 3 143 772
4 115 771
6 520 754 744
SOLD TOTAL 679 494
1 016 997
1 761 389 968

Our fundamental personal values

We believe that high moral standards are the foundations on which everything else is built. We expect honest, open and ethical behaviour from our team members and strive to hire only genuinely good people.

We are problem-solvers. We think about this as an exciting challenge, we approach it with creativity and encourage entrepreneurial thinking and open-minded discussions. We challenge the status-quo and strive to learn, improve and invent every single day.

Property is a long-term business, and our team members are the kind of people, who are able to stay focused and motivated, while working on projects that span several years. We are perseverant yet at the same time capable of enjoying the small steps towards success together.

Team spirit
Property development is a multi-faceted business, requiring a team of people, who help and complement each other with their experience and expertise. We build a great team spirit and believe this to be one of the cornerstones of our success.

Our fundamental business values

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our business activities and expect the same from our partners. We do not believe that the end justifies the means.

Our creative team finds innovative solutions for our partners in every area of the property market. We are excited about finding solutions for your problems as well!

We think long-term and we perform long-term. Our team has been with us for over a decade, we have demonstrated resilience and kept all our promises even in the worst times of the financial crisis. You can trust that we will also deliver on our promises in the future.

Team spirit
We build long-term relationships, working together with our suppliers, clients and other partners as a strong team with mutual respect and appreciation.

Social responsibility

We ensure that our developments create lasting value, enhance local identity and improve quality of life. Which is why sustainability is a key element in everything that Futureal does, encompassing not only environmental protection but also the preservation of people’s mental and physical health and a broader social responsibility.

We believe in sustainable development. We aim to minimise waste generation, energy consumption and harmful emissions during the implementation and operation of our projects, while also protecting natural features. As a result, our developments are always built in line with the latest building standards, and in many cases are pioneering in the industry. The BREEAM sustainability ratings system used at the company, supplemented by the WELL Building classification, help to create a united system so we can construct buildings that meet the highest specifications in every aspect of environmental awareness. With our residential property developments, we pay particular care to landscaping work to ensure that residents can live in an area that is as green as possible. In the office sector, in Hungary Futureal has helped popularise the WELL ratings system among industry professionals with the goal of constructing office buildings that, in addition to protecting the environment, are also beneficial for the health, wellbeing and comfort of the people that work there.

It is especially important for us to protect the health of the people that live and work in our developments. In response to the emerging global health emergency, Futureal has launched its brand new “Stay Safe” initiative based on the stringent health standards and experience of WELL, which is renowned for its people-centred approach. The programme encompasses an entirely new way of thinking. It includes the design of comprehensive health protection safety measures and protocols and the creation of a safe environment for visitors.

We are convinced that it is essential to balance business interests with the needs of the local community. As part of the Corvin Quarter urban regeneration project, Futureal was the major financer of a EUR 71 million social programme. The programme helped to improve the living standards of more than 1,000 families living in poverty. We expanded schools, restored historical buildings, supported residential property development programmes and created new community spaces and infrastructure.

In response to the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, Futureal Group has responded to meet the needs of the community. In light of the circumstances, we decided to move all of our property purchasing administration online. In addition, the Futureal Group provided more than HUF 300 million in support of the fight against the epidemic in Hungary, Romania and Spain. The first part of the amount was donated to the action group created by the Hungarian government to support volunteers and charity work Segítünk Egymásnak (We Help Each Other). We also pledged HUF 50 million to support the measures of the city of Budapest. Every year, our staff also take an active role in numerous social initiatives, be it painting schools, charity runs or tombolas. Cordia, which is a member of the Futureal Group and Hungary’s leading residential property developer, is a major sponsor of the Tihány Half Marathon, which promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

Futureal is a founding member of the Hungarian Green Building Council (www.hugbc.hu) and a registered member of the World Green Building Council (www.worldgbc.org).

Our award-winning projects

Cordia awards

Property Development of the Year, 2017


Cordia Park Residence – II. phase

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