Who We Are

Futureal is your partner and solution provider. We are here to work together with you as a strong and committed team during a project lifespan of several years to create outstanding real estate solutions. Whether you are a client, investor, supplier/service provider, or a member of the local community, we are committed to being your trusted partner and to delivering the highest quality products, on time!

Introduction to Futureal Group

Developing and Investing in Real Estate Projects
With projects worth € 3 billion, Futureal has become a dominant player in the Central European property market. We are engaged in large-scale mixed use urban renewal projects, residential, office and retail development, redevelopment projects and commercial property investments, as well as providing structured finance solutions.

A highly qualified team of professionals
The main asset of Futureal is our professional and experienced team of 500+ professionals, one of the largest real estate teams in Central Europe. We work together in a dynamic, people-oriented and informal working environment, held together by our shared values of integrity, creativity, perseverance and team spirit.

Working in strong partnerships
We believe our success so far has been the result of certain key ingredients: our outstanding team, our innovative, honest and responsible market behaviour, our financial strength, our local knowledge and our global relationships. We nurture close, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, including cities, tenants, service providers, investors and banks.

Creating lasting value for our clients and local communities
Our aim is to create lasting value for our customers, tenants and the local communities we work with. We believe that it is our duty to minimise our environmental impact through sustainable development and to create projects with a strong and unique sense of place.

Futureal in numbers

– more than 100 projects
– 500+ highly qualified professionals – one of the largest real estate teams in Central Europe
– 3 billion euros’ worth of development on 2 millon m2
– Our main market is Central and Eastern Europe: Hungary, Romania and Poland, with further activities in Germany and USA

COMPLETED projects gross m2 (000) net m2 (000) value mEur
office 15 190 160 450
retail 6 208 138 447
residential 19 314 200 320
investments 16 155 127 121
TOTAL 56 867
1 338
UNDER DEV projects gross m2 (000) net m2 (000) value mEur
office 5 107 95 299
retail 1 140 54 250
residential 26 470 263 523
TOTAL 32 717
1 072
projects gross m2 (000) net m2 (000) value mEur
office 4 112 71 213
residential 37 383 338 423
TOTAL 41 495
409 636
GRAND TOTAL 129 2 079 1 445
3 046

Corporate Social Responsibility

We make sure that our developments create long-term value, a sense of place and improve quality of life. The Urban Land Institute gave an award for our projects for achieving these objectives in our flagship 500,000 m2 urban renewal project transforming a hugely problematic run-down urban area into a multi-functional, vibrant city centre environment. We have been the leaders in Hungary in introducing and adhering to the Well Building standards.

We believe that business interests should always be balanced with the needs of the local community. As part of the Corvin Urban Renewal Project, we have been the main contributor to a 71 million-euro public program that has helped more than 1,000 families in poverty dramatically improve their living conditions. We have built extensions to schools, renovated historical buildings, supported social housing programs and created new public spaces and new infrastructure.

We believe in sustainable development. Our goal is to realise and operate our projects while minimising waste, energy use and emissions, as well as protecting natural assets. We have achieved green building certification for most of our projects and we have introduced several innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions in our buildings.

Futureal Group is a founding member of the Hungarian Green Building Council (www.hugbc.hu) and a registered member of the World Green Building Council (www.worldgbc.org).

We believe in giving. We regularly contribute to children’s health and homeless assistance programs.

Introduction to Cordia

CORDIA is the residential development subsidiary of Futureal Group. Our medium term target is to become the leading regional residential developer in Central and Eastern Europe and South Easter Europe. With current operations in Budapest, Bucharest, Krakow and Warsaw, are continuously expanding our geographical reach.

Our mission is to create homes with a heart and soul.

Our contact network established with contractors and our long term investment objectives guarantee that your apartment will be built by the deadline. We construct safe, liveable, modern apartments, with unique architectural solutions, which received several professional awards. Our experienced team helps owners furnish, let out and operate their apartments as well.

Our award-winning projects

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