Futureal Group

The Futureal Group is internationally recognized for its office, industrial, commercial, and residential real estate developments and investments. Since its foundation, our group’s portfolio has included property development projects with a total value of EUR 6 billion and an area of over 4 million m2. We also carry out further activities in other areas such as fund management, long-term global opportunistic capital investments in state and privately issued bonds, risk capital investments, the purchase of non-performing loans (NPLs), factoring activities, and structured financing.

Futureal Group's structure

The three pillars of group’s successful operation

Futureal Holding B.V.

One of Europe's leading property developers and investors, leading the way in office, retail, industrial and mixed-use projects.

Cordia International Zrt.

Hungary's leading residential property developer and a dynamic and growing player in the Central and Eastern European region and the UK.

Finext Capital Management

A unique alternative investment provider in Hungary, offering hedge fund investment opportunities and institutional portfolio management services.

Futureal Group’s History

Learn about the major milestones in the history of the Futureal Group

Our History

Introducing Futureal Holding

We are one of Europe’s leading commercial and industrial real estate developers.

Our operation

Urban development

We have completed over 50 major projects covering more than 4 million m2 of floor space and with a total value of EUR 2 billion. We have nearly two decades of experience in outstanding large-scale office, retail and mixed-use projects, as well as logistics and industrial developments and investments, satisfying the real estate needs of several Fortune 500 companies, while creating new city quarters. We have active presence in Europe including Hungary, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Futureal Holding’s real estate development businesses

Our successful operations are built on two distinct business units: Futureal (where we focus on commercial property development and investment, as well as asset management) and HelloParks (where we focus on innovative industrial real estate development). In both areas, we draw on the Futureal Group’s decades of expertise.


We are market leaders in developing high-quality real estate projects. We have become one of Central Europe’s dominant commercial real estate developers with completed projects covering 500,000 m2 of GLA with a total value in excess of EUR 1,6 billion and operating assets under management close to EUR 0,5 billion. Our sustainable, profitable and innovative retail investments are boosting entire neighbourhoods. As a real estate investor and asset manager, we focus on investments with high value growth potential across Europe. We aim to create sustainable buildings while delivering outstanding financial results for our investors.

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HelloParks is an innovative industrial real estate development company. We offer comprehensive, client-centric solutions from land development through building construction to site maintenance.
We use environmentally friendly, sustainable and high quality engineering solutions to create outstanding megaparks that provide long-term value for our partners.

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Introducing CORDIA

CORDIA is the member of the Futureal Group responsible for residential property developments. Our mid-term objective is to become the leading residential property developer for the Central and Eastern Europe and South-Eastern European regions.

As one of the largest residential real estate developers and investors, we have a presence in Hungary, Poland, Romania, the UK, and Spain. Since our launch, we have sold more than 8,500 homes. In Hungary, our developments are located in downtown Budapest, along the Danube, and in the suburbs of Buda and Pest. Our most well-known urban renewal project is the internationally award-winning, iconic Corvin Promenade in the heart of the capital. Our Property Management team, which has been operating for over 10 years, currently manages nearly 5,000 apartments built by us and rented out by their owners.

Introducing Finext Capital Management

Finext Investment Fund Management Ltd., a company with over 15 years of professional experience, is now expanding its operations under the name of Finext Capital Management.

As the sole provider of alternative investment services in Hungary, we have extended our product range to include hedge fund investment opportunities and institutional portfolio management services. Capitalizing on the Futureal Group’s extensive real estate and investment experience, our company offers bespoke investment and asset management opportunities designed for institutional clients interested in unique alternative investment strategies. As a member of the Futureal Group that specializes in investment services, we serve a number of clients including various investment funds, insurance companies, pension funds and other institutional investors.