The Futureal Group is primarily known for its real estate developments and investments. Futureal Holding BV itself is concerned with retail property developments. Cordia Interenational and Cordia USA is its residential property developer, while HelloParks is involved in industrial and logistics property development. The group also carries out further activities in other areas. Its portfolio includes fund management, long-term global opportunistic capital investments in state and privately issued bonds, risk capital investments, the purchase of bad loans, factoring activities (non-functioning loans, NFLs) and structured financing.

Futureal Holding BV

Futureal Holding BV is Central Europe’s leading retail and office real estate developer. To date, it has completed projects covering more than 500,000 m2 of floor space and with a total value of EUR 1 billion.

Its work has included the provision of business and retail real estate for the rebirth of entire city quarters. Futureal also carries out office developments outside of Hungary, including in Poland and the United Kingdom.

Its most recent developments include the Corvin Innovation Campus office building, the next chapter in the Corvin Promenade success story. The building will be almost entirely touch-free, in line with Futureal’s Stay Safe initiative. Futureal’s urban developments in Budapest include one of the most ambitious brownfield investments in Europe: the regeneration of the Kelenföld neighbourhood, which also involves public transport services. The Futureal-developed Etele Plaza shopping and entertainment centre will be a key part of the transformation, not to mention the Budapest ONE office park.

With its purchase of the 13-storey Antaras building in Warsaw, Futureal entered the international office market. The modernisation currently in progress will ensure that the office building meets all the requirements of the 21st century. The Spectrum Building, which is made using rust-free steel, is Futureal’s first office building in the United Kingdom. The uniquely shaped building is located in the heart of the Glasgow business quarter.


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CORDIA International and Cordia USA

CORDIA is the member of the Futureal Group responsible for residential property developments. Our mid-term objective is to become the leading residential property developer for the Central and Eastern Europe and South Eastern European regions. We are currently operational in Budapest, Bucharest and the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk and Sopot in Poland, with two pilot projects also underway in Spain. We are also constantly expanding our range of activities by exploring new areas and identifying new business opportunities. One example of the latter is our recent purchase of the British real estate developer Cordia UK Property, while we have also bought 18% of the company Argo Properties, which is active on the German property rental and urban regeneration markets.

We put our heart and soul into ensuring that the properties we build become true homes. Our extensive and well-established network of subcontractors and our long-term investment goals help to ensure our apartments are completed according to schedule.

We build secure, liveable, modern apartments with remarkable and unique architectural solutions that have won an array of international trade awards. Our experienced, expert team can also – if the property owner wishes – help with the process of decorating, renting out and managing the apartments.

On the behest of property owners, Cordia’s Property Management team, which has been together for over ten years, is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 500 apartments built by Cordia and rented out by their owners. Depending on the requirements of the client, this can include interior decorating optimised for rental, finding and choosing a tenant, signing the contracts, regular property checks, negotiating the rental fee and paying utility bills.

Cordia has won numerous international awards, including the ULI Global Awards for Excellence, a International Property Award, the Best Mixed Use Project in Europe, as judged by Bloomberg TV and The New York Times, and the Best Purpose Built Project Worldwide, awarded by the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI).

Under the Cordia USA brand we have created a portfolio of single family homes located in Atlanta, Indiana, Michigan in a total number of 480 and a total value of almost 40 million USD. Cordia USA also owns the Haverly, a 360-unit, 363,000 net rentable square foot, two and three-story, 27 building walk-up apartment complex located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, immediately adjacent to Pine Lake. Both the River Pointe apartment complex containing 170 Class B apartment units in Fort Washington, and the Walker Mills Apartments with 366 units in Maryland belong to Cordia USA.


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HelloParks is a new generation, innovative industrial real estate development company. It offers comprehensive, client-centred solutions for everything from land development to building construction and site maintenance.

HelloParks, a member of the Futureal Group, uses environmentally friendly, sustainable and high quality engineering solutions to create futuristic megaparks which provide long-term value for our partners. In our developments including our latest projects in Fót and Maglód, we believe it is essential to create a liveable, human-centred and user-friendly environment.

Among other things, we create environmentally friendly and energy efficient industrial parks and plants for our partners, with recreational and social services – where possible – IoT and smart solutions, with favorable rental and operational fees and flexible contract agreements.

Knowledge of the needs and business activities of our clients is central to our developments. Which is why we always take these expectations into account, from the planning stage onwards. The HelloParks experts have a wealth of experience in all areas of the industrial real estate development sector. Our goal is to provide innovative and effective solutions to meet the expectations of the market and the needs of our clients.


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Finext Capital Management

Its activities span the entire globe. It invests in real estate-related government securities, shares, bonds, real estate investment funds, loan funds and private companies of various constructions.
It offers comprehensive financial solutions in the form of mezzanine. (intermediary), priority securities and structured finance schemes.
It makes investments directly or indirectly by taking over non-performing loans (NPLs).
It deals with non-performing residential mortgage loan portfolios through its 50% owned subsidiary, Titan Faktor.