Futureal’s best known activity is property development and investment through our two main subsidiaries engaged in commercial real estate (Futureal Development) and residential property (Cordia). However, the group has extensive activities in other fields, including fund management (Finext Fund Management Ltd), long-term global opportunistic investments in public and private securities (Finext Capital), venture capital investing (Finext Startup), NPLs, and structured finance.

Futureal Capital
– Investing globally in property-related public securities including equities, distressed bonds, private real estate funds, credit funds and private partnerships in various structures
– Providing mezzanine / preferred equity and structured finance solutions
– Investing in NPLs indirectly and directly
– Buying and servicing residential mortgage NPL portfolios through 50% owned subsidiary Titan Faktor

Finext Fund Management
– A leading independent alternative investment fund manager
– Licensed in accordance with AIFMD
– Has issued and managed, among others, the best performing Hungarian real estate fund (Futureal 1 Real Estate Fund)
– Managing a top performing globally diversified endowment fund

Finext Capital
– An independent investment advisory firm based in Israel with global expertise in long-term opportunistic investments in public and private securities

Finext Startup
– An independent venture capital fund manager based in Hungary