Fantazja I

The new Cordia project at Kopalniana Street – named Fantazja is earmarked for those who are active, demanding and striving to strike a balance between the amenities of a large city and the calm of a friendly area. Modern architecture with sophisticated solutions designed for convenience and a minute-detail design, so living can become beautiful.

The Project

Kopalniana shall consist of 5 cosy low-rise buildings – 4 stories each with usable attic space, a total of 147 apartments of different size. The residential space will amount to 9 744m2.

Earmarked for everyone. The architecture has been designed with a view of creating friendly environs for families with children, young and active people, as well as for those who are looking for a peaceful haven.

Sophisticated details. The common areas of the project – designed by landscape architects – include green areas, benches and paths, thereby providing the residents with a friendly venue for relaxation.

Playgrounds and care for children’s safety within an enclosed area guarantees freedom of movement for kids and peace of mind for parents. The structures will create the aura of a warm family venue, with no impression of crowd anonymity, while providing a feeling of privacy. A sophisticated facade, modern plasterwork – each detail will come about in an aura of perfect quality, excellent design and usable durability.

175 parking spaces should provide for drivers’ everyday convenience.

Apartments. The low structure of 4-story buildings will have smaller, as well as spacious 4 – 5 room apartments. On the last floors apartments with a height of up to 5 meters. The carefully designed arrangement will provide residents with freedom and great comfort for each household member. Sophisticated details, innovative technologies and modern solutions – guarantee safety and joy of a comfortable life.


Fantazja is an exceptional venue. The residential park is located in Warsaw’s Bemowo district – somewhat remote, but at the same in close vicinity of ul. Połczynska. This is where the subway stop Połczynska is to be situated in the near future. Close to the national S2 road and excellent accessibility to any point in the city.


The residents of the Fantazja residential park will have everything they need for comfortable living within arm’s length. An abundance of stores, shopping centres, local shops, Factory Outlet and much, much more.

Excellent educational facilities – nurseries, kindergartens and schools. Fine medical infrastructure, as well as post offices, banks and business units. Fantazja lets you reach the downtown area within minutes, albeit all needs of daily life can be catered to locally.

In preparing the design of the Fantazja residential park, we were guided by the growing need for modern and comfortable apartments somewhat further away from the hustle and bustle of a large city, and at the same time, of retaining the proximity of everything that’s good in a vast metropolis. This project has allowed us to successfully combine two seeming contradictions, thereby creating an ideal location. A place which will allow residents each and everyday to relax in the quite setting of a cosy apartment, in green surroundings, in peace and quiet, yet with excellent links with the downtown area, good accessibility to just about anywhere, and proximity of infrastructure used on a daily basis.


Size: 149 apartments

Cordia Sales Office in Warsaw

01-308 Warsaw, Batalionow Chlopskich 80, Poland
+48 500 650 550


– excellent communication with the city center
– nearly planned new metro line
– parks and forests nearby


– schools and kindergartens in the area of the estate
– many shopping and services points
– clinics nearby