If you want a talented workforce, it is absolutely essential to provide a modern, healthy, safe and people-centred workplace. Futureal, which is well versed in the needs of the new generation of workers, creates office buildings that provide an attractive and inspiring environment for employees.

For any socially responsible business, a genuine 21st century office is a superb investment. A place where everything is optimised, from everyday business tasks and overall efficiency to physical and mental wellbeing. We are convinced that a people-centred working environment creates a much better atmosphere, which in turn can help increase productivity and almost completely eliminate factors that might otherwise obstruct your work.

We are extremely proud to have worked with companies such as EPAM, KPMG, Nokia, Vodafone, BT and P&G.

It is especially important that we are able to offer our tenants Category A offices with outstanding locations, state-of-the-art digital solutions, premium services healthy and safe environment. Futureal’s experienced property management team are always on hand to assist tenants. This ensures that we can meet all the needs of our clients and will immediately resolve any issues that may arise in relation to the offices. Our latest project has been developed under Futureal’s Stay Safe initiative, designed to respond to the changing market demand due to the epidemic. Under the program, Futureal is introducing new internal security standards and additional technological solutions.