Urban Development

Futureal is one of the few European company groups to have substantial experience in implementing substantial long-term urban regeneration projects.

Corvin Promenade, its 22-hectare comprehensive redevelopment project in the heart of Budapest, has become the focal point of the Józsefváros district both architecturally and in culture and business terms. The Corvin Quarter attracts new tenants and residents to the area with its approximately 100 shops, vibrant restaurants, cafes and numerous entertainment and leisure facilities.

Futureal is also heavily involved in the regeneration of the Kelenföld-Őrmező area. This project is one of Europe’s largest brownfield developments involving public transport services. An integral part of the project is the commercial and transport development of Etele Square, as well as the establishment of Etele Plaza and the Budapest ONE office park.

Marina City is the group’s ambitious mixed function development in one of the most beautiful parts of the 13th district. In a similar vein to the Corvin Promenade, a new urban area is being developed next to the riverside in the area between Meder Street and Újpest Bay, adjacent to Váci Road and close to the Marina Port Residential Park and Duna Plaza. Its location makes the project truly unique in the city of Budapest.

The area lies north of Marina Riverside on an enormous recently purchased site on the Danube riverside, where the former investor had planned to build the 360° project. The company is in the preparation phase of a mixed-function urban quarter.

The Futureal Group is also planning complex urban regeneration projects in Poland. One of its flagships in Poland is Wilanów 2.0. The project is situated in a recently developed and incredibly popular residential area in the district of Wilanów. It contains several residential and office buildings, with a total basic floor space of more than 100,000 m2. In Poznan city centre, by building a multifunctional development that fits perfectly with the adjacent plane-lined promenade, the company is creating a quarter that combines both residential and retail functions across more than 21,000 m2 of floor space on the site of the former Modena clothing factory.

In addition, the British company, Blackswan Property, recently purchased by Cordia, is also working on two urban regeneration projects in Birmingham, the Lamp Works and Gothic.

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