Kaiserslautern rental buildings

Buildings located in city center locations, close to Mid-City Park, the new mall, the trainstation and the University.

– Net Rentable Area: 11 419 m2
– Units: 200 residential + 5 retail
– Buildings: 6
– Location: Kaiserslautern, central
– Construction Year: 1926-1956

About Kaiserslautern

– Home to almost 100 000 people
– Industrial and university town with a high standard of living
– Modern center of information and communications technology and home to Technical University Kaiserslautern and the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Science
– Student population is about 22 000 with many international research institutes located throughout the city
– About 50 000 NATO military personnel inhabit the surrounding district (Landkreis Kaiserslautern)
– Military personnel are mainly Americans, forming the largest US population center outside of the US. Site work has begun on a new US $1B US Army medical center


High Quality Buildings, City Center Location in High Demand Rental Area
Germany, Kaiserslautern
Size: 200 residential + 5 retail
Value of development: 13,5 million euros


– about 1 hour drive from Frankfurt am Main
– train, buses, night buses


– shopping mall, local market, supermarkets
– cafés, restaurants
– leisure facilities, zoo, Japanese Garden, Public Park, Wildlife Park
– Music Academy, galleries, museums, theater, libraries