The Lamp Works

Contemporary rental development reflecting the architectural heritage of the Jewellery Quarter

The Lampworks will reflect the heritage and context of Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter with a contemporary approach. The development will contain 148 apartments, 1-3 bedroom units with large reception & residential amenity and commercial spaces

The Lampworks is based on good design aspirations with a variety of building forms, good quality materials, and an external landscape.

We are utilising traditional materials and soft landscaping to provide high-quality amenity space for our tenants to enjoy the outdoors with an attractive courtyard and planting in place. The industrial heritage of the site will be reflected in the design of the building forms and materials. The steel frame of one of the buildings will be retained as memory and focus of the central space, providing a sense of enclosure and context.

Presently we are demolishing the unused buildings on site, we anticipate building work commencing in July 2021 and it will be ready in  2023 to welcome our first tenants.