Building permit has been granted for the first phase of redevelopment of NoVa Park shopping centre

FUTUREAL, one of the top 20 real estate developers in Europe will launch the first phase of the extension of Nova Park shopping centre, situated in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland. Around 10 000 additional squares metres of the leasable area will be delivered by 2020.

Through this two-phase project, the leasable retail area of NoVa Park will be increased to over 42 500 square metres. The first phase is scheduled to be completed in 2018 and delivered around 3 500 square metres. The opening of the second phase comprising an additional 6 500 square metres of GLA is planned to be in 2020.

Following the completion of the extension, the shopping centre will house many different shops and other services. Measured by floor area, the number of shops and the variety of the offering, this project will make NoVa Park the largest shopping centres in Lubuskie region. The extension and the existing shopping centre NoVa Park will be fully integrated.

Nova Park has received more than 16 million visitors since opening in 2012. Turnover grew by 12% in 2015 compared to the corresponding period in 2014. Following the project’s completion, it is expected that both NoVa Park’s annual footfall from the current figure of slightly under 5 million and sales at the shopping centre will increase as well.

Anna Malarczyk – Arcidiacono, Managing Director of the Polish commercial projects Futureal, commented: ‘NoVa Park is a vastly popular venue in a strong location. Its extension will allow us to bring new retailers and further enhance the shopping experience for all our clients. We know that there is a keen appetite among our customers for well-known and much-loved international brands”.

NoVa Park is a 32 500 square metres dominant covered regional shopping centre located in Gorzów, Poland. The Mall features 140 retailers offering a merchandise mix of retail, services, and restaurants.

Apsys Polska has been appointed by Futureal as the property manager for NoVa Park. The scope of works entrusted to Apsys includes: property management, retail space management, leasing agreements management and marketing.