14/11/2022 Cordia starts selling 500 more homes in the Hungarian capital

Cordia is significantly expanding its new home supply. This autumn, the company puts up more than 500 apartments for sale in the Hungarian capital’s most popular green belt and city centre locations. The new developments will increase the number of new homes available in Budapest’s 8th and 9th district by a quarter and by 15% in the 11th district. The new buildings’ energy ratings will be AA, meaning that their energy consumption is extremely low.

Cordia, Hungary’s leading residential property developer, is adding more than 500 homes to its supply in three developments. Together with these new projects, there are 850 homes are available in the company’s portfolio, which means that Cordia now accounts for 15 percent of the Hungarian capital’s total new home supply. The new projects, totaling more than 44,000 sqm of gross floor area, will be developed in the 8th, 9th and the 11th district.

“In the first half of the year, Cordia developed 16% of the apartments delivered in Budapest, while our company sold 9% of the new homes sold so far this year in the Hungarian capital. We are currently working on the construction of more than 1,140 apartments, and we are preparing the construction of another 4,300 homes,” said Tibor Földi, chairman of the board of Cordia International.

Energy efficiency is a priority for all three new developments: the buildings will consist of highly energy-efficient apartments that will meet or exceed the near-zero energy requirements. The buildings’ energy ratings will be AA, meaning that their potential energy use can be as little as a quarter of that of an average FF-rated property. (Half of all Hungarian apartments and family houses are rated FF or worse on the standard energy rating scale used in Hungary, and houses built in the 2000s are typically FF-rated.)

One of the newly announced projects, the 100-apartment Corvin Next is a genuine downtown development, which will be built in the renovated, well-maintained part of Futó Street, near the multiple international award-winning Corvin Promenade, the widest pedestrian street in Budapest. Thanks to this central location, the proximity of the promenade and Corvin Plaza, a wide range of leisure and shopping facilities and services are available within walking distance. The building will have a unique and exclusive façade, both in form and materials, and will feature indoor and outdoor community spaces and a green inner garden, which is unusually large for a building in the area.

The Woodland project will be located in the 9th district, in an area that is constantly evolving and, like the redevelopment of Corvin Quarter, is undergoing a complete regeneration. This development will have a large, inner garden with trees and private parking. The first phase will house 257 homes, ranging from studio apartments, one, two and three-bedroom homes with garden access or balconies, with exclusive penthouses on the top floor.

Designed in line with the latest architectural trends, the 153-apartment Sasad Resort Sunrise is located in the green belt of the 11th district, next to the Rupp-hegy Nature Reserve, yet within easy reach of the city centre. Sasad Resort’s exclusive residential park offers a spacious, more than 8,000 sqm leisure park with unique recreational facilities – playgrounds, sports fields, outdoor gym, picnic areas and barbecues – for all members of the family.

“Our long-term goal is to maximise in all our projects the most efficient level of energy use that available technologies can provide and to move towards renewable energy sources as much as possible. We use ceiling cooling and heating in our range of properties, powered by a heat pump system using renewable energy. The thermostat is controlled by a smart home system in each apartment, so the temperature can be adjusted even remotely using a mobile phone,” said Áron Görög, Cordia’s sales director.

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