The police office of District VIII. got a new trustee office at Corvin Promenade

In order to improve the public safety of Corvin Promenade, the BRFK Police Office of District VIII. has opened a new trustee office supported by Futureal. By opening the new office, the company and the police would like to increase the comfort and convenience of Corvin Promenade’s thousands of residents and employees. Dr. Péter Futó, co-founder of Futureal explained at the event: as a responsible property developer the main goal of their cooperation is not just building high quality properties but to further improve the livability of this special district.

On the 11th of November, at Nagytemplom Street, the new trustee office, which was established due to the co-operation of BRFK Police Office of VIII. district and Futureal has solemnly passed. Dr. Máté Kocsis, Mayor of the VIII. district, Gábor Molnár, Lieutenant Colonel of police, police captain of Józsefváros, Dr. Péter Futó, founder and co-owner of Futureal and Tibor Tatár, CEO delivered a speech at the event. Furthermore Gábor Bucsek, brigadier general of police, police chief of Budapest and Dr. Imre Vas, member of parliament attended the event too.

Dr. Máté Kocsis, mayor of Józsefváros said: “This is a special occasion today, because we can see a fine example that there are entrepreneurs like the founders of Corvin Promenade, who, beside the usual common public charges, selflessly participates in the realizations of aims which can make our life better. The establishment of the new trustee office is a similar objective, by taking over the expenses, the investors of the Promenade provided a significant support for the police and the residents. I am convinced that the police presence can increase the residents’ subjective sense of security. I would like to say special thanks to Dr. Péter Futó for the significant offer, and to the police that they were open to the initiative, so from today the citizens can turn to the district trustee. I am confident that this is only the first step and there can be similar successful cooperation like this in further areas, for example in Palotanegyed.”

In one of the most successful urban development projects from the last few years, thanks to the total infrastructural, architectural and environmental transformation, which took place in the area of the Corvin Promenade, the promenade provides home for thousands of people and offers exclusive working environment for several companies. Futureal, besides offering high-quality real estate to its clients, it considers the sense of security and comfort of residents and employees important.

Dr. Péter Futó, founder and co-owner of Futureal said: “The concept of the project was to be a city in the city from the beginnings and now it’s became true. We are proud of the already built 50.000 square meters of offices and 2.000 apartments, and the 25.000 square meters of offices and 1.000 apartments under construction. In addition, building 40.000 square meters of business area is also an integral part of the project. The fact that this is a liveable and special part of Budapest, is not only recognized by residents and employees day-by-day: a number of international organizations – for example the American Real Estate Association – already awarded our development. Of course, all this would not be possible without our successful cooperation with the local government, and I hope it will also help us in the future to do our job and continue building the promenade.”

Ten years ago, according to a survey conducted by Futureal among 500 participants, before the development of Corvin Promenade 80-90% of the respondents refused to live in the 8th district. Few years ago, the company carried out exactly the same research. That time, 70% of the respondents said that they were willing to live in the district, furthermore, more than 90% of the respondents found the area of the promenade attractive. Tibor Tatár, CEO of Futureal stated: “The area went through a great change, including public safety, but it always can be improved. That is why we offered 5 million forints for the construction of the office, and we took over the rental and running expenses for 3 years, in a similar amount. At the time of the realization of Corvin Project, Futureal built several things for the benefit of the public: we have built roads, renovated the underpass of Üllői Street, built a gymnasium for Práter Street School, financed the installation of MOL Bubi public bicycle system, established community gardens, and today’s police office also fits perfectly into this line. We are aspiring to participate in investments and projects serving public benefit and the sense of comfort of those who live here.”

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