13/03/2024 One of Europe’s leading shipping and logistics companies is…

Even before it was put into use, Gebrüder Weiss (GW) decided in favor of the expansion in the PT2 hall of HelloParks Páty under construction, where it had previously signed an agreement for 22,000 square meters with the industrial real estate developer. The company’s soon-to-be-possessed rental property will thus increase to a total of 32,000 square meters, which also means that one of the leading companies in the industry will be the largest player in HelloParks’ customer portfolio.

According to the new agreement, the company will use more than 76 percent of the area of the 42,000-square-meter industrial property, which will be completed in the second quarter of 2024, after the planned move-in in the summer. GW, which has a total capacity of more than 90,000 square meters at many points in Hungary, is also increasing the efficiency of its customer operations with the expansion.

“The strategically important new logistics base for the Gebrüder Weiss group can become a prime location for acquiring new business alongside the existing headquarters. We tried to choose the optimal solution for our operation in terms of both location and service quality. At the new location, we can also increase efficiency by using the latest warehouse technology”

– said Balázs Bencsics, GW’s national logistics product manager, in connection with the expansion.

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